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Refund Policy

Refund protocols related to plans:

The refund policy of AGGASSO state that:

30 Days Period

You are entitled to receive your complete money back in case where AGGASSO team has not been able to resolve even a single (One) of your several problem(s). However, in case where AGGASSO has been successful in solving your single (one) problem, within a period of 30 days, in such a situation AGGASSO is not liable to make any refund for the period subscribed for service by you under the plan.
Middle of Month

In case you choose to cancel the account during middle of any subscribed month, we will send you a final invoice to your e-mail. This invoice will provide you clarity about the amount consumed and how much is refundable (If any) by AGGASSO.

7 Days

During the subscription of 7 day plan, you as consumer are liable for refund of paid amount only if you are covered under the mentioned services:

The services which are not mentioned in the plan.
AGGASSO, team has not solved your single (one) problem within the first 7 days after activation of plan.
You have placed a request for “Services on Hold” within 24 hours of activation of plan, through call and email. To know more about services on hold please refer to the Services on hold section within terms for service section of AGGASSO website.

Other offers

The limited period offers will be provided by AGGASSO at regular interval to benefit our consumers. However, the terms for services under those offers will be defined in them. The terms and conditions mentioned here are separate from the limited period offer plans.

This is a request to all the AGGASSO users and consumers to kindly read and understand those terms and conditions properly before choosing limited period offers. For better clarity we recommend calling our customer support team at 1-973-567-6263.

Amount of Refund:

The refund will be made for the amount which is either equal to the amount paid by the consenter or the amount refundable after AGGASSO has received the amount for the services delivered to the subscriber. In no case AGGASSO will be paying amount over and above the amount paid by the customer, and AGGASSO shall not stand binding to pay for the higher amount under any circumstances.